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About Us

As ındustrial Revolotion created environmental consciousness communities made future plans for environment and human health.

In this sense,being fully aware of this important subject,our company principle is alwvays to improve our non-stick coating solutions respecting life and nature equilibrium;with non stop technical researches.

FLORON non-stick coatings that we manufacture faciliate production ease in Food and Cooking sector. In addition of that, our non-stick coatings have more benefits in other segments of our daily life.; due to its

Easy cleaning advantages:
      Less Detergent expenditure,
      Less Water consumption,
      Less Energy usage

Environmental protection is assured and effects are minimised with less consumption of detergents, clean water ,and discharged water.

By minimizing surface mesh count, Floron non-stick coatings enable and help the production of more hygienical and healthier cooking items.

For A Healthier World...

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